The Toughest Speaker in India

When the going gets tough, the tough get going! Now gets going with Knockout - India’s toughest speaker. 

Shockproof? Check.

Drop Proof? Check.

Crush-proof? Check.

Knockout Portable Bluetooth Speaker

is virtually indestructible and comes with a super rugged exterior so your music still plays even when your speaker is dropped or knocked! It offers an exhilarating sound experience with a bass so powerful and deep compared to any other speaker of this size and weight. That’s not all - Pair two Knockout speakers, enabled with TWS technology for some window shattering bass and roof blowing sound!
Limits are meant to be broken, your Bluetooth speaker isn't.


MRP ₹4,299

Warranty: 1 Year

MRP ₹4,299

Warranty: 1 Year

1Can withstand up to 18 drops with up to height of 1 m.  2When connected via Bluetooth® Mode - you can move around and play music within a wireless range of up to 65.6 feet, with audio fidelity keeping stable and intact throughout. 3Tested under ideal conditions and varies depending on usage and volume levels.

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