LaunchingFINGERS LivMusic Wireless Neckband - Live, Breathe and Absorb Music Non-Stop!

With a 12hr playback time, rich bass and sleek design, it has been crafted for comfort and an all-day listening experience!

Mumbai, November 26, 2019

Mumbai, November 26, 2019 - India’s most innovative & fast growing digital accessories brand, FINGERS, has launched the ‘LivMusic’ Wireless Neckband earphones that is designed to appeal to those seeking an unmatched blend of exceptional sound clarity, sleek design and an extended playback time for non-stop music and fun.

ARGB Fashion PC Cases – A New Trend by FINGERS to provide stylish shields for your PC!

RGB-Bruno C5 & RGB-Flow C2 are its first offerings with eye-catching ARGB LED Strips and bundled SMPS!

Mumbai, November 17 2019

Mumbai, November 17, 2019- FINGERS, India’s most innovative & fast growing digital accessories brand, now launches ‘RGB-Bruno C5’ & ‘ RGB- Flow C2’, its first two ARGB Fashion PC Cases, that distinctly feature ARGB LED Strips on a high-quality, sturdy and non-corrosive chassis structure that are designed to be both functional and fun.

While both the RGB-Bruno C5 & RGB-Flow C2 sport the unmistakable ARGB-LED Strip on the front panel; they are designed to appease different user bases.

FINGERS launches Dual Battery Wireless Neckband - 2B Musi-Addicto for an intoxicating sound experience of up to 20 hours!

Mumbai, November 11 2019

Editorial highlights:

Mumbai, November 11, 2019 - FINGERS, India’s most innovative & fast-growing digital accessories brand, haslaunched ‘FINGERS 2B Musi-Addicto Wireless Neckband earphones’. The name says it all! With a whopping playback time of up to 20 hrs, it provides uncompromised performance and easy portability due to its super-flexible neckband.

FINGERS launches India’s toughest portable speaker – Knockout!

Mumbai, August 14th 2019

Key features:

Knockout is virtually indestructible and comes with a super rugged exterior so your music still plays even when the speaker is dropped or knocked

Drop, Knock, Shock - Music still Rocks!

1. Rugged exterior shock-proof body which can withstand a pressure of more than 100 kgs or a fall from more than 1 meter.

2. True wireless stereo (TWS feature) which enables 2 speakers to connect at the same time

3. Powerful battery life of upto 8 hours on a single charge

4. Bundled FREE Wireless Mic and pre-loaded 9 music tracks for Karaoke

FINGERS launches a series of power banks with guaranteed capacities.

Mumbai, August 05 2019

Editorial highlights:

1. Each of the power banks consists of guaranteed actual capacities

2. Only ‘A’ grade batteries used in all FINGERS Power Banks

3. Comes with dual output, for charging multiple devices at the same time

4. New age design elements with trendy colors

5. Consumers get 10 chances to win exciting gifts on registering the product on FINGERS website

Digital accessories brand FINGERS launched, Introduces 6 unique products first-time in India and 3 first-time in the world.

Mumbai, June 11, 2019

Editorial highlights:

1. Company promoted by Mr. Sandeep Parasrampuria, a veteran in the IT products space

2. Launches 40+ avant-garde products with 6 being first in India and 3 of them being world’s first!

3. Aims to be India’s No. 1 digital accessory brand with revenues targeted to reach over INR 500 crores in the next three years

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