FINGERS Code-M9 Wired Earphones
Rich Grey FINGERS Code-M9 Wired Earphones
Golden L-Pin connector of FINGERS Code-M9 Wired Earphones
FINGERS Code-M9 Wired Earphones Packaging


Mastering Melodious Music


FINGERS Code-M9 Wired Earphones,

you can access the code to a world of superiority.
Where  Melodious Sound. Mesmerizing Design. Maximum Comfort  - is MASTERED!

Code-M9 will fill your every moment with majestic music. And it will do so stylishly with a modern design in Rich Grey that has been ergonomically crafted for high level comfort, Golden L-Pin Connector for durability and In-line Mic with controll...

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MRP  899

Warranty: 1 Year

MRP 899

Warranty: 1 Year

1. When in use, please adjust the volume to appropriate level. 2. Excessive use at high volumes may damage your hearing. 3. For your traffic safety, we recommend to not to listen music while riding or driving.
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