FINGERS Killer UV Sterilizer with UV germinal light emanating from UV Lamp
FINGERS Killer UV Sterilizer
FINGERS Killer UV Sterilizer focusing on germicidal UV lamp

Killer UV Sterilizer

Smash 'em

Protect your health and make your surroundings safer with the ultra-portable 

FINGERS Killer UV Sterilizer. 

With its powerful ultraviolet light, it kills up to 99% of all germs, viruses and bacteria instantly. Think of Killer like your personal, portable bodyguard that is safe for use on everything from your mobiles to keys, face masks to glasses, laptops to even e-commerce deliveries or cutlery! The applications are wid...

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MRP  2,499

Warranty: 1 Year

MRP 2,499

Warranty: 1 Year

Key Features

Powerful Sanitization
Kills up to 99.9%
germs & bacteria

Radiation, Ozone &

10 secs
Sterilization Time

5 cm
Sterilization Distance

260 - 280 nm
Light Wavelength

Power Saving: Auto
shutdown in 3 mins

& lightweight

Auto switch on
object detection

Smart gravity detection
sensor for eye & skin protection

Timer Display

LED Flashlight

Easy to Use




Your Personal, Portable Bodyguard
to Smash ‘em!

Killer does exactly what it says.
Sanitizes everything and saves the day.
Kills the virus in its way!

Powerful Sanitization from a
Portable Multi-Functional UV Sterilizer

Killer UV Sterilizer is lethal! It unleashes its powerful UV light and kills all bacteria and allergy-inducing organisms found on the items closest to you. Scientific research has proven that the most effective frequency for microbial destruction is between 200 nm and 280 nm. With its germicidal UV light (260 nm to 280 nm), Killer is effective and deadly in controlling microbial growth.

Ultra-portable & lightweight

Because germs are everywhere, it makes sense to have a device that can go everywhere. Killer is light and easy to carry in your pocket, purse or backpack. With a device to sterilize, your worries will be neutralized.

A Safe Companion
with Smart gravity detection

Killer smartly auto switches on object detection. And because UV rays can cause harm to the eyes, it is equipped with smart gravity detection that turns off if the device is facing upright.

A Portable Flashlight

Featuring a flashlight, Killer can be very handy when you
need to light up your surroundings.


• FINGERS Killer UV Sterilizer is a handy precaution from germs,
but it is not the only precaution to prevent illness.
• Please do not point at people or animals during use as Ultraviolet rays
can cause burns to the eyes and skin.
• Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes.
• Store in a cool & dry place and keep away from direct sunlight.


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